Can't tell if he's a good boy or a f*ck boy? Here's how

Can't tell if he's a good boy or a f*ck boy? Here's how

In the dating game, it's important that you are able to identify whether your date is a good boy or a f*ck boy. You have to know who you want to date first, then master the art of decoding which is which. Men can be very resourceful with their words, and some women can't see through the bs.

 Does he really like you or is he like this to all the other girls? I'm sure that's a question you think about every time a man tries to enter your life.

Can't tell if he's a good boy or a f*ck boy? Here's how
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Here are a few tips on how you can identify whether your date belongs to the good boys or the f*ck boys. We hope you find the difference in the use of language and hopefully become a little wiser after reading this.

1. When greeting you on social media

Good boy: Hey! , Hi!, Hello!

F*ck boy: Heeeeeeeey

The good boy who is only trying to be friendly is upfront. He messages you with the intention to greet you, thus the direct hi, hey, or hello.

The f*ck boy, on the other hand, sends an extended "heeeey". It could either be a product of falling short on coming up with something witty and malandi to say but still tries to remain sounding cool.

There is no point in wanting to sound cool in a greeting, unless you have another agenda.

2. When he offers to pay

Good boy: I'll spot for you, don't worry.

F*ck boy: My treat, ikaw paaaa. with matching pa-cute smile

If a boy offers to pay, the generosity is implied. If he adds things to place emphasis on how "special" you are, trust me, he's trying too hard so you never forget. I call it "depositing gratitude".

3. Social Media Activity

Good boy: Likes your good photos,engages and comments on statuses he can relate to

F*ck boy: Likes all your photos, your posts, your friends posts, posts that you're tagged in, and comments in almost all of them.. (usually with emojis like wink, heart, or smileys)

A f*ck boy would always try too hard just to get your attention, even at the expense of a meaningful interaction.

4. When he introduces you to his friends

Good boy: "Hi guys, this is my friend, ____" (your designation "friend" is clear on the get go)

F*ck boy: "Hi guys, this is ____" ends with a loaded look. (keeps your relationship with him vague and open to interpretation, the loaded look offers interpretation that only flatters him.)

5. When you tell him a joke

Good boy: Laughs hard (if joke is funny), calls you out if too corny. "That is hilarious"

F*ck boy: (doesn't matter if your joke is funny or not) "You are so funny, I really like hanging out with you".

These are just a few common examples but we hope you see through men's pattern. Read between the lines, see through all the BS, know whether you have the good boy or the f*ck boy, and you'll be fine.

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